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- A -

About Harvard
About the Ivy League
All-American A listing of Harvard All-American men and women over the years.
All-Ivy A listing of Harvard All-Ivy men and women over the years.
All-Ivy 1996
Alumni Career Counseling [coming soon]
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- B -

Bingham, William J., Award goes to Chris Wojcik, '96
Bonnie, Robert A profile from The Boston Globe, December, 1987
Boys Soccer Camp Steve Locker's soccer camp
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- C -

Camps, Boys Steve Locker's summer camp
Camps, Girls Time Wheaton's spring and summer soccer camp
Career Services Network [coming soon]
Catliff, John A profile from The Boston Globe, December, 1987
Cieplik, Chris Biographical summary of men's assistant coach
Connecticut, University of, preview of match vs Harvard men, September, 1988, The Boston Globe
Coaching Staff Biographical summary of the Men's and Women's teams coaching staff
Crompton, Gary Biographical summary of men's assistant coach
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- D -

Duke University Report on Final Four game vs. Harvard men, 1986
Dupuis, Jordan '99 Profile from The Press, Christchurch, New Zealand
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- E -

Electronic Scores Mailing List
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- F -

Final Four Harvard men vs. Duke, 1986
Final Four a fist hand report from the 1996 tournament, Richmond, Virginia
Fish, Hamilton Men's soccer most improved player award
Friends of Harvard Soccer
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- G -

Girls Soccer Camp Tim Wheaton's spring and summer soccer camps
Glass, Rebe '98 Proflie on co-captain of 1997 women's soccer team
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- H -

Hall of Fame Soccer players inducted into Harvard's Hall of Fame
Hargadon, Geoff '76, email to the designer and editor of this web site
Harvard Crimson
Harvard University
Harvard University Athletics Administration
Harvard Varsity Club
History of Harvard soccer
History of the Ivy League
Home Page
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- I -

Ivy League
Ivy League, a brief history of
Ivy League, all-time standings, men and women
Ivy League, 1996 head-to-head competition, men and women
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- J -

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- K -

Kenyon, Jodi Biographical summary of Harvard women's soccer assistant coach
Kohler, Will '97 Profile of 1996 Captain
Kohler, Will '97 Drafted by the NY-NJ Metrostars
Kydes, Philip '72 Profile on Hall of Fame inductee
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- L -

LaCivita, Ric '74 Profile from The Boston Globe
Locker, Steve Profile of men's head coach
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- M -

McCarthy, Maura Profile of men's soccer athletic trainer
McLaughlin, Tom '98 Profile on men's 1997 captain
Men's Soccer History Essay, listing of awards, photographs
Most Valuable Player Men's soccer award
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- N -

NCAA Tournament History
NCAA Tournament History: Men
NCAA Tournament History: Women
NCAA Tournament: Our own report from the 1996 Men's Final Four in Richmond, Virginia
News: Current
News: Archives
Next Game Information on men's and women's next opponent
Noonan, Sara '95 Profile on women's captain
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- O -

Ohiri, Christian L.'64 Profile on one of the greatest players ever to play at Harvard
Ohiri Field Directions
Online at Harvard
Online Soccer A listing of some of our favorite and most useful soccer web sites
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- P -

Papagianis, Chris '73 Profile on Hall of Fame inductee
Peck, Kate Profile on women's soccer athletic trainer
Phone Directory
Polls NSCAA National and New England Regional Polls
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- Q -

Quagliaroli, Jim '97 Profile from The Boston Globe
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- R -

Records men's and women's soccer records at Harvard
Rosters 1997 Men's and Women's rosters
Roster, Men's 1996 Team
Roster, Women's 1996 Team
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- S -

San Diego State, Final Four match vs Harvard, December, 1987 A report from The Boston Globe
Saunders, Jay Profile on women's assistant coach
Schedule, 1997 Season
Soccer Online A listing of some of our favorite and most useful soccer web sites
Statistics for 1996
Statistics for 1997
Stauffer, Emily '98 Profile on Co-Captain of 1997 women's team
St. Louis, Sue '81 Profile on soccer's first woman in the Hall of Fame
Subscription Form for Electronic News and Scores
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- T -

Thomas, Charles '72 Profile on Hall of Fame inductee
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- U -

University of Connecticut, preview of match versus Harvard men, September, 1988
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- V -

Vrionis, John Photo of his winning goal vs Boston University, first round of NCAA Tournament, 1996
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- W -

Welcome Page
Wheaton, Tim Profile on women's soccer head coach
Wild Card A listing of some of the highlights of this web site, in case you don't have the time to go through every single page
Williams, Louis G. '64 Memorial Trophy Men's soccer award for skill, sportsmanship, and devotion to his team
Wojcik, Chris '96 Profile of the 1995 captain
Wojcik, Chris '96 Wins Bingham Award, Named Harvard's Top Senior Athlete, 1995-96
Women's Soccer History Essay, listing of awards, photographs
Women's Soccer Records
Write to Harvard Soccer Links to coaching staff, the editor of this site, and other important people associated with Harvard soccer
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- X -

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- Y -

Yale Meets Harvard Women A preview of their 1996 matchup reported by The Harvard Crimson
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- Z -

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- # -

1994 Season
1995 Ivy League Results
1995 Season
1996 All-Ivy: Men
1996 All-Ivy: Women
1996 Men's Team Photo
1996 Schedule Men and Women
1996 Season Men and Women
1996 Women's Team Photo
1997 Season Men and Women
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