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Harvard Soccer . . . since 1904

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This site is sponsored and maintained by Friends of Harvard Soccer, whose membership is primarily former Harvard soccer players, their families, and other people who take an interest in supporting today's teams. This work is designed to give the reader a sense for the history of soccer at Harvard, and to maintain a sense of community among those who have been affiliated with Harvard Soccer over the years.

The men's team started in 1904 with a one-game schedule, and now has played over 1,000 matches, which ranks them among the oldest soccer programs in the country. The women's program started in 1977 as a club team, making it one of the oldest women's programs in the country, and already has six Ivy League titles to its name.

Both the men's and women's teams have had extraordinary success over the years--from the standpoint of team records, Ivy League titles, individual honors, and participation from people who have also distinguished themselves off the field.  In 1996 they each won Ivy League titles.  That year the teams combined for a fourth place ranking among teams ranked in the nation's top 25. In addition, the men's team received the honor of having the highest grade point average among all men's teams in the country.

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